• Bag Camera HB19

Bag Camera HB19

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HB-19  Hand Bag Covert Video Camera
Unisex! Can Be Used By Both Male And Female Investigators Without Suspicion
Camera Hole Is So Small, You Can Be Six Inches from It And Not Notice It!
Completely Self Contained With Our Line Of Law Enforcement Grade Digital Video Recorders!
Camera Can Be Powered By various Tiny Digital Video Recorders

Anyone can carry this new generation hand bag camera in black and no one will notice that what you are doing is covert video surveillance. In fact, you can walk right up to someone and they are not going to know the difference. The bag is small enough to pose as a small purse or man's zipper compartment. The bag camera contains a high quality super fine CCD full color covert video camera with an amazing 550 lines of resolution that shoots through a very small pin hole. You'll get clear and crisp covert video even in lower light conditions with it's 0.2 lux rating. You can obtain this new generation high quality CCD covert video camera with or without one of our high grade pocket DVRs that fits right into the bag and powers the camera for Digital Video Camera Choices!


The new  HB19 is the latest design bag fit camera.

The bag is fitted with the excellent BU19 high quality CCD low light camera offering 700TVL resolution and low light ability down to 0.005 Lux @ F1.2.

This camera option will operate with any  DVR using the standard 2.5mm jack ‘Cam In’ socket (PV-500 Lite series, PV-500 EVO series, PV-1000

The HB19 Bag Camera is compatible with these digital video recorders:

The PV500 ECO2 by LawMate is a first level law enforcement grade pocket digital video recorder.£290 inc vat

Built and designed for professional covert video surveillance operations. 
This portable pocket DVR features a high resolution @ 720 X 576 at 25 fps. With time and date stamping, this rugged unit will serve your covert video operational functions well.

With the PV500 ECO2 release, this fourth-generation pocket digital video recorder now has touch screen controls and a new tile platform interface for ease of use.

The LawMate PV-500 ECO 2 recorder has the ability to record continuously or can be set to motion activation. It can be used for both body-wear walk around covert video applications or stationary in place covert video operations. The standard clip-on battery will power the recorder for 3+ hours, the optional BA-4400mAh BATTERY will power the recorder for 6+ hours. Multiple batteries to be charged? Simply apply the BCM-DUO1 dual battery charger for convenience.
A new feature for the PV-500 ECO2 is the ability to support 12v cameras using the supplied cabling. This recorder is designed to work with the range of LAWMATE ANALOGUE CAMERA OPTIONS including the excellent LawMate BU-19 Button Camera. Using the supplied AV input cable, you can also use this excellent DVR with any non-LawMate camera. The DVR also provides the option to record in 3, 5 or 10 minute file lengths.

Since memory storage is to a SD card you can use up to 32Gb cards. If you start to run out of memory space, just remove the SD card and place another one inside it.

Special Features:

• Small Palm Sized Digital Video Recorder
• IR Remote Controller
• New Touch Screen Controls 
• High Resolution 720 x 576 (25 fps/PAL) or 720x480 (30fps/NTSC)
• Time Stamp Functionality
• Continuous Recording/Motion Detection/Overwrite Functionality
• USB Connection for data transfer
• SD Card Storage (up to 32gb)
• Colour 3 inch TFT Display
• Compatible with Analogue Cameras
• Easy to use interface
• Delete files on device
• Reformat SD Card on Device
• Optional password protection
• Screen lock function


• LCD Display: 3 inch TFT LCD
• Picture Resolution: 720x576
• Frame Rate: 25 fps
• TV Output: NTSC/PAL Adjustable
• Video Format: MPEG4
• Photo format: JPEG
• Storage Format: FAT32, NTFS
• Remote Control: IR Remote Control
• Wire Control: Power ON/OFF Wire Pilot Control
• PC Interface: Mini USB 2.0
• Microphone: AGC Quality (with LawMate camera solutions)
• File Generation Gap Time: 3 seconds
• Date/Time: YYYY/MM/DD. HH:MM:SS

• Operation Time: CCD Camera: 200 min, CMOS Camera: 250 min
• Battery Life: 200+ min
• Charging Time: 4 Hour
• Battery Type: Li-ion Battery: 2200mA/4400mA
• Speaker S/N: >95 dB
• Power Supply Voltage: DC 5V
• Power Supply Current: Recording: 600 mAH, Playback: 480 mAH
• Memory: SD and Micro SD (up to 32gb capacity)
• Dimensions: 85 x 55 17 mm


• Lawmate PV500 ECO2 Pocket DVR
• IR Controller
• USB Cable
• DC 5V Charger
• Carrying Case / padded holster
• Li-ion Battery
• Earphones
• AV Cables (AV-in/AV-out)
• Cable Controller
• 16gb Micro SD card (with adaptor)
• PV500 ECO2 Guide

This is the LawMate PV-500 Neo recorder, a brand new high definition Wi-Fi enabled DVR.

£295 inc vat

The new PV-500 Neo recorder is part of the 2018 range of Wi-Fi enabled devices from LawMate. The Wi-Fi connection allows the recorder to connect to Android and iOS phones & tablets to provide remote full system control and live monitoring.

The PV-500 Neo recorder does not have a screen and this permits the battery life to increase to 4 hours of operation. If you also opt for the BA-4400mAh battery, operation increases to circa 8 hours on a fully charged battery.

This recorder is designed to work with the brand new BU18-HD Neo button camera and the BU18-HD Neo Cone cameras with a much simpler cable design compared to earlier models. Providing excellent low-light capability down to 0.03 Lux, this 1100 TV line camera captures exceptional video and audio. 


•    Works with Android or iOS devices
•    Live monitoring up to 5m range
•    1080p/720p/WVGA resolution settings
•    Up to 240 minute recording time
•    Watermarked time-stamped evidential grade video
•    Download recorded footage to your smart device
•    Compatible with current PV500 battery cells
•    Free 16gb Micro SD card supplied
•    H.264 .MOV File format
•    Low light sensitive camera
•    Vibration alert (power on/off, recording, low battery)

Wi-Fi Application features:

•    Live view
•    Ability to switch between standard or motion detection recording
•    Start/stop recording
•    Set the time & date / synchronise with your smart phone/tablet
•    1080p/720p/WVGA switch
•    Card formatting function
•    SSID visible/hide switch


PV-500 Neo DVR
2200 mAh battery pack
Mains charger & USB cable
16gb Micro SD card
Protective pouch
Wired remote controller


PV-500HDW User Guide

PV-Cam Viewer for IP Cam


please contact us for choice of DVR Recorder and prices

the above price does not include the the cost of the recorder only the bag with camera

Special Features:
  Covert Camera Disguised As a Handbag
Even Close-Up You Can Not See Built In Camera
Easy To Hide the DVR Inside Bag
CCD camera hands you high resolution images
Black Unisex Bag with Top Zipper Can Be Carried By Male Or Female Agents
Hidden Secret Pocket For Operational Storage Of Portable DVRs
Tons Of Room In Bag To carry Whatever Else You Need To!

Item Number HB-19  Bag Camera
Video System: NTSC & PAL
Picture Element: NTSC: (H) 811x (v) 508/ PAL: (H) 795 x (V) 596
Field Of View: 70° On Outside Of Bag
Resolution: 550 TV Lines
CCD Image Sensor: Interline 1/3 inch - Sony Super HAD CCD
S/N Ratio More tan 45 dB (AGC off)
Min Illumination: 0.005 Lux / 30 IRE @ F2.0
Power Supply Voltage 5V+/-0.5V
Power Supply Current: 250mA
Size: 28 X 8 X 20 (cm)
Weight: 406g

  HB-19 Zipper Unisex Bag With Camera In Stealth Black
Battery pack
RCA A/V and Power cable adapter
Instruction Manual

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