•  LD195 Thermal Imaging Monocular

LD195 Thermal Imaging Monocular

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Product Description

The all new  S series  is set to take the thermal imaging world by storm. With a significantly lower SRP and even more advanced technology in a lighter package, the ‘S’ series of thermal imaging monoculars offer state of the art performance for 24/7 detection and observation when other optical devices are impeded by weather conditions such as fog, rain and smoke or obstacles like grass or bushes. 

The new LD195 features an advanced high resolution microbolometer sensor, high grade Germanium lens and frost proof OLED display that ensures a high quality image across the field of view, with no edge distortion or tunnel effect providing a detailed image and long detection range. 

The unit can work on both batteries (4x AA rechargeable) and optional external; power supply such as the EPS3 and EPS5 battery packs.

There are three calibration modes: silent manual (“M”), automatic (“A”) and semi-automatic (“H”). Manual calibration mode (“M”) is recommended for hunting due to its silent operation. 

All the S series thermal imaging monoculars have class leading start-up times of five seconds or less and feature analog video output to enable connection of external recording equipment or transmitting image to the display. 

  • 2x digital zoom
  • 500m detection range
  • 9Hz refresh rate
  • Superior quality Germanium lens with internal focussing
  • Convenient controls - The controls are accessible, user-friendly and comprised of three buttons: The on/off button, the calibration button and the digital zoom activation/colour inversion (hot white and hot black) button.
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Self contained power supply

  • Technical Specification

    • dimensionsDimensions
      180x86x58 mm
    • MagnificationMagnification
    • Battery Type & QuantityBattery
      4x AA rechargable
    • Pouch CasePouchCase
    • Camera Video Adapter SuppliedCameraVideo
    • RangeRange


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