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G7 Mobile WiFi

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The G7 Mobile WIFI is a huge Power bank and powerful Dual SIM 4G/LTE router including USB ports, ethernet connectors, 12V plugs and a tablet used as a monitor. There is also two large antennas on the side of the case allowing an optimal signal strength.



The G7 Mobile WIFI offers you the ability to connect all your devices and charge them. You can connect devices such as phones, tablets and so on via the powerful USB ports. It’s also possible to use the vehicle cigarette charger to plug any compatible devices. Two ethernet connectors are available on the case, it gives you the possibility to access the internet via Ethernet or even via WIFI. The large antennas on the side of the case provide the best WiFi signal. Two connectors placed on the side of the case can be used to bring back to life the battery of your vehicle if necessary. Finally, an LCD display inform you about the battery left inside the case.



The Dual SIM 4G / LTE Router inside the case provides you the best and most powerful signal possible. The two SIM card are using two different operators which allow the router to choose between the best and more reliable signal. The load balancing feature automatically connect the user to one network or the other depending on the bandwidth available. You are free to connect to the case via Ethernet or WIFI knowing that an Ethernet connection gives you a faster internet browsing. Up to 200 users can connect to the router at the same time !



You can remotely monitor the case via a dedicated control panel. Via this panel, you’ll be able to retrieve information such as the power left in the case, the position of the case, all the configuration of the router (how many people are connected to the router, the internet speed, which network the router is connected to…). Our tracking technology is included in the case allowing to track this one remotely and retrieve the different information.



Battery: 150Ah

Battery Life: Around 10 / 14 days (depends on the use)

Size: 265mm / 230mm / 180mm

Weight: About 5kg

Router: Dual SIM

Monitor: None

USB ports: 4

Cigarette charger: 1

WAN Port: 1

LAN Port: 1

Remote Monitoring: Yes

GPS Inside: Yes

Live Tracking: Up to 2 seconds

Motion Detection: Within 2 to 5 seconds

Amplified Speaker: No


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