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Shadow 1500 Tracker

£475 inc Vat

This unit is ideal for long term deployement due to long battery life

You can run this tracker like all our trackers every 10 seconds every day for 1 full year at no extra cost.

The SHAD0W 1500 is a GPS device that can be magnetically placed on any asset that has a metal surface.

The magnets have a “Pull off” force of around 65kg so it is extremely strong when placed on a metal surface.

The large GPS antenna gives excellent performance.

The device will store up to 10k positions on its internal memory. This is imperative when the GPRS network is unavailable.


charging via Micro USB lead

Fully Waterproof

Strong built in magnets for covert deployment

Shows all past history time and date on Goggle/ Street

Low battery indicator

Adjustable times between tracking locations

Free APP for Mobile tracking or via Laptop / pc / I-Pad  no software to down load

Works World Wide



It will also store 10000 positions on its internal memory so that when the GSM network is not available, the device will store the positions and send them to our server when GSM becomes available.
It is able to send a health position every 4 hours when not moving.
  After 3 months of inactivity, the SIM card will be deactivated.then contact us to re-activate
No contract.
View tracking in real time on PC, Mobile Phone, IPad, Laptop etc.
No Software to download.
Works Worldwide.
Strong 70 KG rare Earth Magnets for attachment for Mag mounting underneath Vehicles.



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