• Book Camera/DVR with Long Battery Time

Book Camera/DVR with Long Battery Time

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This looks just like any ordinary book but concealed inside is a HD high resolution camera and DVR with a high capacity battery and also has invisible infra red leds for night vision. Please remember this is not a cheap version like some others where the battery only last few hours so not ideal for long term. On our model on motion recording the battery can last up to 2 years if no motion is detected. On continuous recording the battery can last 30 hours in daylight or 9-10 hours night vision.

This camera will blend in any office or home environment and the pin hole camera and invisible infra red leds are well concealed. Package contents are book camera/DVR, USB cable, 1A power charger and manual. Below is the specifications. 

  • Size: 21x15x4cm

  • PIR detection angle: 60 degrees

  • PIR detection range: 5-8 metres

  • Camera angle: about 75 degrees

  • Max PIR stand by time: 2 years

  • Day time recording power consumption: 220mA

  • Max day time recording time: about 30 hours

  • Night vision continuously recording time: 9-10 hours

  • Full charge time: about 20 hours by 2A USB power adaptor

  • Resolution: 1080P

  • FPS: 30FPS

  • PIR MD video record: about 1 minute per file

  • Record continuously: about 2 minutes per file

  • Max SD storage: 32GB

  • Loop recording: optional

  • Time and date: yes

For the motion recording depending on how many times it records it uses battery power and the below example will give you some idea.

If motion is triggered say 10 times a day then battery can last 180 days.

easily hidden surveillance
- Hidden PIR to catch people moving
- Hidden battery
- Full HD 1080P 30FPS
- Audio could be able/disable
- 3-5 meters night vision



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