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Shadow 1000 Tracker on Pay u Go
Shadow Tracker 1000
The Shadow 1000 tracker was designed to be completely 100% waterproof and very covert, to charge the Shadow 1000 Tracker you simply place it on the supplied charging mat.
Product Description
The SHADOW 1000 tracker has to be a great little innovative device.
Wireless charging is not only the future in charging our phones, but we have applied this technology all our trackers. There are good reasons why we applied this tech. Retaining a complete 100% water proof ability was important, we also wanted to make it small in size and very covert. There are no buttons to switch the device on/off and no charging ports, just place it on the charging mat and device will start charging. If the battery has gone completely flat, when placing it onto the mat it will then reboot the device and start charging.
The Tracker is packed with performance, storing 10 thousand positions on its internal memory. This enables the device to store any positions that could not be sent due to no GSM coverage, this gives you a great tracking line when viewing on the panel.
Being informed when something moves within 6-10 seconds from around the world is another great feature. This is activated via the “ARM” button on the panel or simply press the “ARM” function on your mobile phone application. When the Shadow 1000 Tracker does not move it turns off its GPS receiver and shows sleeping on the panel, this is the time when you may want to “ARM” the device, so if the device then moves it will send a piece of data to our servers and then sms the users in your contact list. The Shadow 1000 does not require GPS to inform you its being moved.
The picture below shows the Shadow 1000 tracker with a neodymium magnet. This magnet is very strong and has a pulling force of 25 kg.It will also store 10000 positions on its internal memory so that when the GPS network is no available and the devise will store the positions and send them to our server when GPS is available

No contract.

After 3 months of inactivity, the SIM card will be deactivated.  after that if it does just contact us to re activate
Wireless charging (Charging mat included!).
View tracking in real time on PC, Mobile Phone, IPad, Laptop etc.
No Software to download.
Works Worldwide.
Strong 70 KG rare Earth Magnets for attachment for Mag mounting underneath Vehicles.
General information:
Battery 2000 Mah / 50 Channel GPS receiver
Wireless charging / Completely 100% waterproof
Battery Life: Normal use 7- days approx
Sizes :
60 x 35 x 30 (mm) with magnet
60 x 28 x 30 (mm) without magnet
Tracker battery life :
Normal mode approx 7/10 days but you can see the remaining life on the tracking panel, allowing you to remove and re-charge.
The very size ( 3"x 1"x 1.5" ) makes it one of the most covert hidden tracker available
on the Market today for attachment under a vehicle by use of the 1x rare earth magnet
which with the tracker is all enclosed within the waterproof casing.

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