Wi-Fi Covert PIR Camera   This pir looks like a normal one except it also has a..


USB Mains Adaptor Wifi Camera£240 inc Vat order code SSUC10iThis is the new Spy shops UC10i Camera s..


The New Shadow 300-W PLUS£180 inc VatThis tracker is on a No contract- Pay as you use- so run by you..


Although the BT10i recorder appears to be a Bluetooth speaker, it is actually a Wi-Fi and IP enabled..


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If you are seeking to protect information or if you feel that you have been or are currently a victim of illegal eavesdropping devices, we have the answer to your problem.

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The  AR-300 Audio Recorder has a simple one-button record function making its operation very st..


This is our latest version of photo frame Wi-Fi camera using latest technology. The key features of ..


A simple hidden mini cube spy camera with WIFI and night vision functionAbout This ProductA mini cub..


This is the PV900 HD spy mobile phoneIt is without doubt one of LawMate's most successful products a..


This is the new  RD-30, pocket-sized counter surveillance tool with both wired and wireless cam..


The camera unit fits into the inset on the outside of the bottle and is then disguised by the wrap r..


Air Freshener GSM£125 inc Vatorder code GSM-AIRThis normal looking air freshener has a hidden built-..


This is the new PB20i, a full HD 1080p covert recording solution that functions and appears as an ex..