GSM Bugs

The GSM listening devices below will covertly transmit the sounds and conversations in their vicinity direct to your mobile phone - anywhere in the world. 

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Wireless GSM spy surveillance bug  NEW TINY MODEL  - Uses a special high gain micro..


European mains extension lead concealing a hidden wireless GSM spy surveillance bug This is t..


  The Worlds smallest fully integrated GSM Listening Device! Listen to a conve..


Air Freshener GSM£125 inc Vatorder code GSM-AIRThis normal looking air freshener has a hidden built-..


GSM USB Charger Fully working USB charger however it has a hidden built in Sim card in..


This Nokia phone looks like it is switched off, but it has been modified and can be used a listening..


A fully functioning USB computer mouse that has a built in GSM bug. The voice is crisp an..


Power Adaptor GSM Bug This is a dummy but realistic looking power adaptor with a lead and a jack..


This new fully working Double Mains socket with 2 USB charging ports also includes a Sim card which ..


This fully working USB car charger allows you to charge your Mobile phone while travelling and also ..


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