GSM Bugs

The GSM listening devices below will covertly transmit the sounds and conversations in their vicinity direct to your mobile phone - anywhere in the world. 

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European mains extension lead concealing a hidden wireless GSM spy surveillance bug This is t..


Air Freshener GSM£120 inc Vatorder code GSM-AIRThis normal looking air freshener has a hidden built-..


This is a superb total self contained GSM bug that you can dial into the sim card anytime to listen...


This GSM box is packed with many features and is easy to set up. You can monitor your landline for a..


GSM USB Charger Fully working USB charger however it has a hidden built in Sim card..


This Nokia phone looks like it is switched off, but it has been modified and can be used a listening..


A fully functioning USB computer mouse that has a built in GSM bug. The voice is crisp an..


Power Adaptor GSM Bug This is a dummy but realistic looking power adaptor with a lead and a j..


This new fully working Double Mains socket with 2 USB charging ports also includes a Sim card which ..


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