• Mouse GSM Bug

Mouse GSM Bug

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A fully functioning USB computer mouse that has a built in GSM bug.

The voice is crisp and clear and you can dial into the sim card inside to listen anytime. This mouse also has a built in LI battery so its charged whenever the computer is switched and is ideal for long term surveillance. The microphone will pick up any conversations within 15 metres.



  • Network: GSM 900/1800.
  • Power consumption: When computer is not used for a long the Li battery for GSM bug will last in standby mode (not listening) 3-5 days with total listening time of about 3.5 hours so standby times vary depending on how much you listen. When computer is used regular then battery will last indefinitely.
  • Battery: Built in 3.7Vdc at 420ma.
  • Dimension: 90x45x30 mm

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