• Smoke Detector wireless IP camera

Smoke Detector wireless IP camera

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Ceiling Mounted Smoke Detector complete with wireless IP camera

This ceiling mounted smoke detector has an in-built completely covert internet based covert / Hidden Camera which offers absolutely superb Video and Audio quality.


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Hidden Wi Fi IP HD Camera In Smoke Alarm

This product is just a standard domestic Smoke Alarm on the outside. However, it conceals a secret HD Wi-Fi surveillance camera which can transmit the recorded footage across your Wi-Fi network. That means that it can be accessed anywhere in the world via the Internet, and can be watched on a smartphone, tablet or other device.

This is an exclusive product designed to be user-friendly and simple to operate. You don’t need lots of technical expertise to operate this camera, as it arrives all set up and ready for use. The camera comes with built in battery and charger, and a basic instruction guide.

Please note this product does not function as a regular Smoke Alarm, it just looks identical to one for discrete surveillance.

It can be supplied either battery powered or mains

Please quote when ordering

If space permits, larger batteries can be stored in the space above the alarm (in the ceiling or loft) or it can be connected to a mains supply. To learn more about these options, get in touch.


Video resolution: 1080p/720p/640p/320p
H264 compression
Video file type: .AVI
Angle of View: 90 degrees (approx.)
Motion Detection Recording.
Power Consumption: A fully charged battery can power the unit for up to 10 hours
Storage consumption (SD card) 1gb per hour at 1080p resolution
Storage: up to 64GB SD Card (Not included)
Mobile phone operation system Android / iOS
It is even possible to remotely adjust the video and audio quality of the Wi-Fi camera to suit your internet connection, allowing for the smoothest possible surveillance feed. This completely regular looking smoke alarm blends into any professional or domestic situation


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PV-RC200HDWAVAILABLE end of March 2019   ..


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