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This is our next generation world’s first fully automatic telephone recorder offers new generation in telephone recording technology. The recorder has audio DSP processor to achieve best and clear recordings with time and date on all calls. You can also set the recordings to be scheduled so it can record only between certain times or all the times. All the settings are made on the txt file on the recorder by connecting to your computer and when finished simply unplug from computer and plug to your telephone line and turn power on. There is no display or complex buttons, just power button so this makes it easiest model available. The record quality is clear and will record both sides of every call and save it as a MP3 file. Every day at midnight it will automatically create a new date folder and any recordings made on that date will be stored under that folder with each recording showing time and date. This means at later date when you need to find a certain recording, it will be easier for you. It Supports 185 hours automatic or scheduled recording that can record up to 8 weeks recording based on (works 3 hours per day) when set on timer recording and can be longer than 8 weeks if the device is set to work less than 3 hours per day. The timer recordings can be selected so the device will only record during certain times of any day during the week that you select. The standby time is 100 days with one time charging and while you play the recordings, the battery will also get charged at same time. Below is the key features. Supplied complete with black box telephone recorder ultimate, line cable, USB cable and operating guide.

1) Battery Capacity: 3.7V/3000mAh

2) Charging Time: 3~5 hours

3) PC interface: USB2.0 

4) System requirement: Windows 98SE, Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/mac

5) Recording format: MP3

6) Memory: nand flash 8GB

7) Recording Sampling Rate: 48KHz/16bit

8) Voice Quality: 192Kbps/128Kbps/64Kbps/32Kbps

9) Support Recording Time: 32Kbps/580 hours;64Kbps/290 hours;128Kbps/145 hours; 192Kbps/96 hours

10) Audio: Play through computer

11) Battery life for recording: 185 hours of actual recording for 1 charge

12) Battery life in standby: 100 days

13) Size: 85x55x25mm

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