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Order code-AFR-2
£190 INC VAT
This product has the latest voice recording technology that uses a high gain microphone and audio DSP processor to achieve the best recording quality.  As a result it has no display and a simple one button operating to start, stop, or check battery status with the longest recording time when battery is fully charged and has time and date on the recordings. It Supports 185 hours automatic voice activated or scheduled recording that can record up to 8 weeks recording (works 3 hours per day) when set on scheduled recording and can be longer than 8 weeks if the device is set to work less than 3 hours per day. The scheduled recordings can be selected so the device will only record during certain times of any day during the week. The standby time is 100 days with one time charging. Playback is also simple on windows media player or similar. Supplied complete with  USB cable for charging by computer and operating instructions. Some features are listed below:
1) One touch recording start/stop
2) 8GB Built in memor (32Kbps/580 hours;64Kbps/290 hours;192Kbps/96 hours)
3) No flashing lights during recording
4) Audio format, VAV Format
5) High quality voice recording
6) Time and date on recording
7) Battery status indicator
8) Recording power, 185 hours record time with one time battery charge
9) 100 days standby with one time battery charge
10) Scheduled recordings to extend battery working time
11) Voice activated setting can be set to suite trigger level
12) System support: Microsoft Windows XP/VISTA/WIN 7 
13) Battery: Built in 3.7v Hi Li-ion rechargeable battery 3000mA/h

Sound Activated Recording

This recorder has a very sensitive microphone that can pick up normal level speech up to a radius of 10 metres (30ft) away. 'Voice activated' recording as standard ensures that efficient use is made of the battery and of the memory space - only record when there is sound in the environment where the Air Freshener Recorder has been placed. When set to record there is no visible indication that recording is taking place. There are no beeps or other sounds to denote starting and stopping of voice activation and even if the battery did run out there are no giveaway warning indicators. When you want to listen back to recordings, simply click of the freshener facia, press the switch to ‘off’, connect to a computer using the USB lead and then playback the recorded files through the computer speakers or your connected earphones.


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