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This air freshener looks like any normal one, except it has the latest voice recording technology that uses a high gain microphone to achieve the best quality sound.  As a result it has no display and a simple one button operating to start, stop, or check battery status with the longest recording time when battery is fully charged and has time and date on the recordings.  



Connect the USB cable on the socket and the other end to your computer USB port. Each blue light turns from flashing to solid indicates it is charging and when all the blue lights are solid means charging is complete and you can disconnect from your computer.



You will need to insert micro SD card in the slot near the USB socket with the gold contacts facing towards the USB socket. Long press the power button (it has a red dot) for about 5 seconds and the green light will be on for few seconds and then go off, this means it has started recording and save the recording on the SD card. The recording will be under a date folder for each day and when that folder is opened each recording is shown in the time sequence. Every 24:00 hours, it will automatically create another date folder for the next day, so when you need to play recordings later you can select the day folder and then select the time of a particular recording you wish to play. This makes it so easy to search for a particular recording.



To stop recording long press the power button for about 3 seconds and the red light will be on for a few seconds and then go off, this means the recording is stopped and saved, and the power is turned off.



Ensure you have turned the recorder off, and remove the SD card by pushing in slightly and it will pop out. Insert this in the card reader or direct on your computer if you have a SD slot and you will see removable disc, click on this and you will see the folders in date sequence like 140119 (YYMMDD) and when you click on the relevant date folder, you will see all the recordings in mp3 format in time sequence that they were recorded on that date like 070702 (HHMMSS). Simply click the relevant time and media player will play that recording. Please note on the very last recording that was made will generally be the noise that was made by you opening the air freshener and turning the power off and because this will be very short recording of only a few seconds, you may not be able to play this.

When you finish listening to recordings, never just unplug the SD card from your computer as it can corrupt the recordings or the SD card. Always use the “safe to remove” option and when you see a message on bottom right side of your computer screen, “it is safe to remove” then remove it.


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