• GSM 4 Socket (functional)

GSM 4 Socket (functional)

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A covert GSM listening device inside a functional 4 socket lead!

Note this is the new style with red light on left

£185 inc VAT

This GSM 4 Socket is another addition to our professional range of audio surveillance products and operates as a functional extension socket. We do not import inferior looking products nor we do not use dismantled mobile phone parts as found in cheaper products. Each of our professional GSM audio devices are hand built using special filtering circuitry to offer only the very best audio sound quality..Guaranteed.

This GSM 4 Socket will remain in place permanently powered 24/7 ready for you to dial in anytime, from anywhere, and like our other audio devices is fully functional so it can also power other electrical items. You can dial the SIM card (supplied) hidden inside the 4 Socket from anywhere in the world and listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations from over 35ft away from the socket with absolutely no distortion.

This is the next generation in advanced audio technology, completely undetectable and fully operational as a normal mains socket. This device is a solid state GSM transmitter offering unsurpassed listening quality.

This GSM 4 Socket uses a dual-band modem for worldwide communications on the 900MHz/ 1800MHz frequency and because it is powered from the mains there are no batteries therefore providing extremely long term audio surveillance.

Do not mistake this product for an inferior production elsewhere on the market, our products are designed for complete peace of mind. If your looking for quality that we build our reputation on then this product is a fine example.

  • Ingenious design 4 fully working sockets Worldwide use - 900MHz/ 1800MHz frequency Unlimited listening distance - call from anywhere in the world Supplied with a Vodafone SIM card Listen to surrounding sounds and conversations over a 35ft radius (under optimal conditions) Operates from the mains power supply for long term audio surveillance Unlimited imagination for this great gadget including monitoring babysitters, listening to gossip etc..

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