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SHADOW 7 GPS Tracker

£120 inc Vat

Shadow7 GPS Tracker Features

  • WiFi Tracking
  • SIM Location Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Qualcomm Ultra low power consumption
  • Water Resistant
  • Shock Proof
  • Indoor tracking that combines LBS/WIFI/GPS location services
WiFi Tracking
SIM Location Tracking
GPS Tracking

The SHADOW 7 is a unique and powerful WiFi/GPS/LBS tracking device. Remarkably this device is so small and yet can boast a massive battery life using a new protect mode feature.

This is on a Pay AS u Go tracking

it comes with 500 positions to start you with  and then if your require more positions just go to our site and order extra positions

How To Use The SHADOW 7

SHADOW 7 can be used for many types of tracking applications. Because of its tiny size, only your imagination can inspire you where to place it. The SHADOW 7 was invented to allow those that required a high performance tracking solution with low running costs to function with their IOS/Android smartphones.

Battery Alerts

Speed Alerts

Zone Alerts


How To Activate The Shadow7 GPS Tracker

After reception, you’ll need to activate your Shadow7 GPS Tracker. Here is the easy procedure to activate it:

  • Open the box and remove the device.
  • Switch on the device using the push button on the side.
  • You’ll see a green, a blue and a red LED on the device.
  • Connect to login.trackserver.co.uk  on your PC / Laptop I-Pad   or  on your mobile go to app store and down load free app  ( trackserver )
  • Click the GPS LOGIN tab
  • Log in with the 6 digits ID on the device.
  • you will then see the location live

Costs are the following:

The Shadow7 is so simple to use, we have completely removed any roaming costs, so you are free to travel around the globe. We have also included 1000 positions free tracking. After they have been used , you can top up your device from our site under the Top Up section.

Costs are the following:

  • 1 month unlimited tracking = £45.00
  • 3 months = £75.00
  • 6 months = £99.00
  • 12 months = £150.00

or you can choose to just buy the amount of location positions on pay as u go


TO BUY 100 SMS  = £20

Housing: L 43mm/W 43mm /H 16mm

Weight: 35g

Tracking Type: WiFi/GPS/LBS

Battery: 400mAh

Battery life approx 2/3 days

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