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This junction box looks just like any but also has a hidden pinhole camera and a DVR to record on motion detection. This is very easy to operate, all you do is insert SD card (not supplied), charge the battery and connect to your computer to set time and date and unplug from your computer. To start recording in motion just move power switch from off to motion and thats it, it will start recording. When you want to stop recording simply move power switch from motion to off and it will save recording and turn off. You can also record on continuous but generally this is not used to save battery time and unwanted long recording. The high capacity battery can work for about 30 days standby on a single charge. The camera is easy to operate and has time and date on the recordings and the recordings are stored on a micro SD card, so you can simply turn off camera, remove SD card and view on a computer. We have also fitted magnets at the back so you can stick to any metallic surface or you can screw the junction box on any other surfaces. Supplied complete with operating guide, charger, and USB cable. Below are the key specifications.
Video format: AVI
Video coding: J-MPEG
Video resolution: 1920x1080HD
Frame rate: 30fps
Recording file: Each file is about 1 minute
Play software: Media player or similar
Image ratio: 4:3
Support systems: Windows me, 2000xp, 2003, 2007, widows 10, vista:m/Mac os
Battery capacity: 1,200mah
Working time: about 30 days per charge
Charging voltage: DC-5v
Memory card: micro TF card (support 8-32GB)
Recording storage: 8GB can store about 68 recordings before it starts to overwrite, 32GB can store about 272 recordings before it starts to overwrite
Audio: Support audio
Battery life: On motion with about 15 recordings per day battery can last about 30 days, with about 30 recordings per day it can last about 15 days, with about 60 recordings per day it can last about 8 days. On continuous recording battery can last about 8 hours but generally this function is not used.
Dimensions: 125x85x60mm