LawMate PV-CHG30i Universal Smartphone Charger Covert Camera

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The newly released PV-CHG30i has multiple charging heads that are easily interchangeable and compatible with different types of smartphones

While the previous models (PV-GHG20i for Android and iOS) were only compatible with smartphones, the PV-CHG30i can be used with tablets, allowing for a larger screen when monitoring the live feed.

Like all Lawmate IP models, it offers access to the settings, live feed, video download and snapshot options from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi/Mobile network availability.

This fully functional smartphone charger can be set to different resolutions (1080p/720p/WVGA) and multiple recording modes (Auto/Manual/Motion Detection) and at the same time offers the overwrite function - if you are not on the SD card exchange Monitoring location.

The accessories include a 32 GB SD card. This charger is powered directly from the socket. This ensures continuous recording and safety when needed, because there is no battery that can run out in the middle of the recording. This is a versatile device that adapts perfectly to your recording needs.


Key features of the LawMate PV-CHG30i:

With the Wi-Fi/IP module, you can view the live feed or download the video from anywhere in the world

For smartphones and tablets

Appears and can be used as a smartphone charger

Comes with multiple charging heads and fits different smartphone types

Multiple resolutions with; 1080p / 720p / WVGA @ 30fps

Includes 32 GB SD card and overwrite function

Recording modes; Auto/Manual/Motion Detection

Power supply via the cable (mains socket), which allows unlimited recording time

More about the functions of the PV-CHG30i:

Improved version of the long-standing bestsellers now with multiple loading heads

The PV-CHG20i for Android and iOS are well-known products to Lawmate users, and now the new updated version is available, compatible with new smartphone models. There is no longer any need to buy different chargers for different types of smartphones, and you can use them for multiple smartphones, especially if you have both a business and a personal phone.

Perfect for home and office surveillance

The PV-CHG30i is powered by a power outlet. No batteries are needed for this concealed DVR, and you don't have to worry about battery status. Combined with the overwrite feature and the ability to access the settings via smartphone, you don't even need to be physically present to access the live feed, format the SD card, download the videos, etc. Meanwhile, it remains hidden and functional as different smartphones can be charged with the device.

For smartphones and tablets

The previous models were only smartphone compatible, now you can enjoy the benefits of a larger screen by using your tablet to monitor the live feed.

Wi-Fi / IP module When connected via IP, the device can be reached from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection on your smartphone.

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