Motion Activated SPY CAMERA CLOCK with automatic IR Light

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  • With Motion activation.  MOTION activation and constant recording in high quality video even in low light . Use with IR or  in TOTAL DARKNESS. Trigger distance is upto 10 feet max.

  • Automatic Infrared Night vision- Supports up to 32GB Micro SD card. NOT INCLUDED.

  • The camera can switch seamlessly between battery and plug in power and continue recording. It will continue recording even if power is cut to the building being robbed or if the power surges while gone on vacation.

  • Continuous Loop record works plugged in nonstop 24/7/365 or with incl/battery 3-4 hours. Built-In LCD Screen For Video Playback w/out a computer. Screen can be turned off while recording and unit can be locked so no one can stop it from recording. Built-In LCD Screen For Video Playback without a computer. The speakers on it are amazing for their size. They can fill a room with sound. This gives it a perfect alibi to be used as a multimedia device almost anywhere.

  • View Covert Videos on 2 inch screen. No need for PC. FF Pause, RR or delete right on screen. No need to use any computer at all with this. Record up to 32 DAYS on one 32 GB micro SD card. (Not Included) Perfect to watch the front office or a cash register

  • Sturdy Aluminium Alloy Construction By Online-enterprises Brand.

  • 70 percent of customers use this to catch a thief. Others use it for elder care, nanny cam or driveway monitor.

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