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This GSM box is packed with many features and is easy to set up. You can monitor your landline for any in/out going calls and the device will call your own number so you can hear everything in real time of anyone using your landline and also send you SMS. With simple SMS you can bind your own number to the device and then with another SMS you can set up the landline function so it calls you. When you answer your phone, you can then decide to carry on listening or end the call. The small size of only 65x45x25mm makes it ideal to conceal easily. Supplied complete with GSM landline bug, telephone line cable, charger, USB cable, and operating instructions.

Key Features:

A) Simple SMS configuration to bind number.

B) Simple SMS reply to bind number to set up landline monitor.

C) Monitor landline calls in real time.

D) Can be mains powered for long term.


  • Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900.

  • Power consumption if used on battery only: Approximately 36 hours standby/2.5 hours listening.

  • Dimension: 65x45x26 mm.

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