• 15 Piece Lock Pick Set

15 Piece Lock Pick Set

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Lock Picking Set, 15pcs Lock Pick Tool Kit with Transparent Practice Padlock, Professional Guide and Extractor Tool for Beginners

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  • Trembling the Locks: With 12 various picks of stainless steel handle and 3 different wrenches, the lock picking set can be used for many mortise locks. More than one skill to open your own house, warehouse, garage or tool box locks
  • Innovative Design: The practice padlock is constructed clearly and transparently. You can see all the movements of 7 pins and understand how a padlock works. So you can gain more experience and improve your skill with this lock pick set
  • James Bond Needed Lock Pick Kit: The high quality wallet-like lock pick toolkit can let you take and use it anywhere. It is a must for the beginner to be advanced locksmith. Suitable for the guys who like the 007 missions
  • One More Living Skill: Follow up the guild we provided, practice the unlock skills with our lock picking tool day to day. You will be a good locksmith soon. You can help your friends if they need, or as a part-time job for a living

This pick set is for those of you that like the soft feel of polymer pick handles.

It comes complete with:

  • 15 picks 
  • leather case
  • 3 tension wrenches

Also includes a leather case.

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